21 July 2017 @ 07:42 am
19 Wholesome Boyfriends Who Are So Damn Pure It'll Make You Smile

These are all adorable and excellent writing ideas.
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20 July 2017 @ 01:20 pm
fic: A Ghost of a Chance  
Title: A Ghost Of A Chance
Series: Hetalia
Character/pairing: America/Belarus, Denmark/Norway, Japan, Sweden/Finland, Sealand, England, Romania
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 11764
Summary: When Nataliya mysteriously loses her textbook, she and Alfred get trapped in a college without dorms during a snowstorm. Even worse, she begins to realize they might not be as alone as they thought.
Author's note: WIPbigbang 2017. From this prompt at the kink meme.

Vasil: Romania.

Lukas: Norway.

Mikkel: Denmark.

Lukas and Mikkel were listed as possible names for Norway and Denmark by Himaruya.

Betaed by Sarah.

For Carrie, who I've owed for a long time. Sorry about the wait.

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20 July 2017 @ 12:37 am
This is just a little late, but it might not be in your time zone. Anyways, happy birthday, [personal profile] misheard.
17 July 2017 @ 11:54 pm
Nominations are now open for the Fandom Growth Exchange! The Fandom Growth Exchange is a multi-fandom exchange for fandoms, relationships, and characters that have ten or fewer complete fics (or five or fewer contributing authors) on AO3.

Nominations close: July 31st at 11:55 PM UTC
Sign-ups open: August 3rd at 11:55 PM UTC
Sign-ups close: August 17th at 11:55 PM UTC
Assignments sent: August 22nd at 11:55 PM UTC
Default deadline: October 8th at 11:55 PM UTC
Assignments due: October 22nd at 11:55 PM UTC
Works revealed: November 3rd at 11:55 PM UTC
Authors revealed: November 8th at 11:55 PM UTC
17 July 2017 @ 01:31 am
The Best Personal Development Podcasts You Need To Listen To In 2017

Found via a graphic. As if I didn't have enough podcasts already, lolol.
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16 July 2017 @ 06:26 am
fic: Like A Car Crash In Slow Motion  
Title: Like A Car Crash In Slow Motion (or: A Number of Times Scout and Miss Pauling's Dates Went Horribly Wrong, And A Couple Times They Didn't)
Series: TF2
Character/pairing: Scout/Miss Pauling
Rating: PG-13, hard PG-13
Word count: 4507
Summary: Most people have things like 'first kiss' and 'first date.' Scout has 'first time I was almost shot trying to play Guess Who.' Or, Scout gets (un)lucky in his and Miss Pauling's attempts to get through a date without him getting killed in the process.
Author's note: this and this.

Post Expiration Date but pretty much ignores the TF comics for plot, but keeps the characterization established there. It's set 1977/post 1977, though, just so I can make Star Wars references.

Canon-typical blood and gore.

For Sarah.

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11 July 2017 @ 09:37 pm
Link: [community profile] darkestnightex, AO3 Collection

Description: The Darkest Night is an exchange fest celebrating dark themes in fanworks. Any fandom is allowed, including five-minute fandoms and Original Work. Fic and art are both welcome; the minimum word count is 500 words, and art must be a good sketch on unlined paper.

Check out the schedule and FAQ for more info!

Nominations open: 9 July
Nominations close: 23 July
Sign-ups open: 28 July
Sign-ups close: 11 August
Works due: 30 September
Works revealed: 5 October
Creators revealed: 12 October

Nominations are open now!
10 July 2017 @ 04:45 am
fic: Take Your Daughter To Work Day  
Title: Bring Your Daughter To Work Day
Series: TF2
Character/pairing: Scout/Miss Pauling, ensemble
Rating PG-13
Word count: 3350
Summary: When Miss Pauling is forced to suddenly kill a rather nosy nanny, the only choice is to bring her daughter to work with her.
Author's note: canon-typical blood and gore. From this OTPprompts piece. Also, this piece Hazmad did for me a ways back. Also references this voice line.

Post Expiration date, pre TF-comics. (or just ignores them for everything but characterization and Scout's whole ladykiller in love moments.)

For Sarah.

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09 July 2017 @ 10:05 pm
fanmix: Wherever You Go, That's Where I Want To Be  
When peace had settled on the land, Soren packed lightly and set off with the only person he had ever trusted.

Playmoss | 8tracks.

Norah Jones Come Away With Me Lyrics
Evanescence - Anywhere lyrics
Guillemots - Come Away With Me
Kings Of Convenience - Gold In The Air Of Summer
Randall Kent - Going Home
Hem - Half Acre
Randall Kent - Wherever You Go
The Goo Goo Dolls - Stay With You
The New Pornographers - Go Places
Alma Mater - Right Where We Belong
Alter Bridge - Brand New Start
Jónsi - Where No One Goes